Sabtu, 01 November 2014

The Exact Steps I Take For Each of My High PR Blogs: 1) Install a different theme for the blog (free theme will do) 2) Install different plugins but Akismet is a must Ndir Product Reviews 3) You can install Google XML Sitemap for (a bit) faster indexing of your post but DO NOT submit it to Google WMT. (A lot of blogs that don’t have this plugin installed and their posts still get indexed naturally within 24 hours, so this is not essential at all). Simply avoid putting anything such as Google Analytics and Google Adsense on your blog that is related to Google. 4) Add and give different categories different names for each blog (e.g. “weight loss tips” for blog1, “pretty figure tips” for blog2) ndir product review 5) Create About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms of Service, and/or Copyright@2012 your brand etc. to make it even more natural. I’d recommend creating at least 2 of these. 6) For content, I’d recommend using high quality human readable spun content, syndicated content with a link to the original article, and/or “fluffy” content with at least 300 words (this can be created by typing as you think or use Speech Recognition to talk instead of typing, just try your best to be as fluffy as you can). NO gibberish spun content here, proofread your spun-content before publishing it. 7) Set the homepage to display 10-30 posts so you can take full advantage of the homepage PR. (Just go to Setting > Reading > Blog pages show at most). Though, I would keep the post number of each high PR blog under 30 to maintain a low OBL. 8) Finally never interlink the high PR blogs to avoid leaving any footprints!

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